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David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at
Sun Feb 12 20:05:20 PST 2006

It's a bit of news on the Chris Carter website

It says........

""There's a possibility the forthcoming new TG 'Part
Two' release may be delayed yet again (long story...
DON'T ask why)."""

Dave B

--- Grant Regnaert <tripreset at> wrote:



I have a question, as I am new to the Grief list, but
have been a hard-core TG fan for about 15 years now. 

What is all this talk about the album being delayed???

So, it's( the NEW TG studio album) NOT going to be
released in March NOW!!??



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Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 11:15:32 -0600
>Great news from Chris overall, can't wait to hear
what all these new 
>releases are going to be!
>Mute's owned by EMI now and major labels are a rule
into themselves, 
>there could be some idiot exec thinking "Sales for
records are slow 
>in Febuary so lets wait until May and we'll sell
more, what great 
>idea!" forgetting of course these are TG releases not
a favour of 
>the week's release or U2's Greatest Hits.
>For those wondering about my Hackney pics I've got a
solid home for 
>them and will post a new link in the next couple of
days that 
>everyone can view.
>Quoting David Bourgoin <david_bourgoin at>:
>>I don't know what the problems are it was just a
>>But if a release keeps getting delayed (as in the
>>of the album and we know it's been pressed because
>>they were going to sell it in Berlin until Mute
>>them not to)then it would seem like some sort of
>>disagreement (about something, not necessarily
>>financial)is occurring between label and band.
>>But as I say it's just my theory and could be
>>completely wrong!
>>Dave B
>>--- RWKolk at wrote:
>>>What problems? Anyway. I thought that Mute, now
>>>of a majorlabel, should
>>>not have any financial problems financing things
>>>like this. They seem to do
>>>quite well with the new DM, Moby, Goldfrapp etc. So
>>>they must have some
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