[Grief] Gen P-Orridge vocal / PTV3 gigs

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Mon Aug 21 11:53:12 PDT 2006

Gen's voice samples from 80's interview used on 'A Subtle Ruse' on album 'The Phenomenon of Illusory Ascension'.
iTunes link
The album is being featured on the front of most iTunes Europe dance category pages.
(Samples by permission GPO)

In addition Moodi's remix of 'Really Going Down' featured on 3kStatic album 'Where's Our Piece of the Groovy World?' just claimed #1 album on iTunes Spain.

'Where's Our Piece of the Groovy World?' is 'anarchist disco' incorporating organic elements of funk, house and trip-hop. Despite featuring no fewer than ten legitimate college and indie/alternative FM radio singles in USA, the album is punctuated by themes ranging from personal insurgency, media paranoia, conspiracy theories and Fortean thought to the rise of the Police State and institutionalized social inequality. As the title suggests Where's Our Piece of the Groovy World? may be best described as a concept album for the disenfranchised. 

Psychic TV play UK
Sheffield Boardwalk Oct 5th, 
Birmingham Barfly 6th
London Astoria 7th
Tickets selling fast at all venues

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