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Here is a link to the Zappa interview Gen did. I remeber seeing an audio CD 
of the interview on eBay a couple of years ago. I posted the link on Gen's 
site but the post got deleted for some unknown reason


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> >From GPO website :
>"I have been spending many Sundays at Thee Gates Institute digging up old
>articles, documents, images, etc... for new content on the site. The
>treasures I have been uncovering deep within the archive have been mind
>blowing to say the least. Original letters and correspondance, artwork and
>unheard recordings. I'm currently working on transcribing some old reviews
>and articles from the early COUM days for all to enjoy on the site.
>Speaking of old COUM, I have stumbled across some old reels of the earliest
>COUM recordings, very Dada in fashion. After lengthy discussions with her
>dearest Genesis, I've decided to make it a project that these recordings 
>the light of day in limited edition vinyls. Everything from Gen's
>conversations with Frank Zappa, the first COUM happenings and Early Worm 
>much, much more. It's all within the archives waiting to be heard. I've
>already reached out to various people about reviving these tapes, will keep
>everyone posted with updates on the progress. "
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