[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 45, Issue 5 COUM

cblanger cblanger at club-internet.fr
Sun Aug 13 10:15:47 PDT 2006

>From GPO website :

"I have been spending many Sundays at Thee Gates Institute digging up old
articles, documents, images, etc... for new content on the site. The
treasures I have been uncovering deep within the archive have been mind
blowing to say the least. Original letters and correspondance, artwork and
unheard recordings. I'm currently working on transcribing some old reviews
and articles from the early COUM days for all to enjoy on the site.

Speaking of old COUM, I have stumbled across some old reels of the earliest
COUM recordings, very Dada in fashion. After lengthy discussions with her
dearest Genesis, I've decided to make it a project that these recordings see
the light of day in limited edition vinyls. Everything from Gen's
conversations with Frank Zappa, the first COUM happenings and Early Worm and
much, much more. It's all within the archives waiting to be heard. I've
already reached out to various people about reviving these tapes, will keep
everyone posted with updates on the progress. "


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