[Grief] TG cassette IRC00~The Best of TG Vol. 1

InnerSanctum XVIII the.adversary at HotPOP.com
Sat Apr 29 23:08:48 PDT 2006

Are we talking about the ltd ed of 50 cassettes that later was released as Very Friendly, First Annual Report and Final Muzak? I have the first CD edition on the label Terroristes Genetiques, who also released the first edition of Grief on CD. But I guess you want a copy of the original C60. Well, good luck. They have been repressed more than once. I've seen copies on Rough Trade in London.

Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com> wrote:

Does anyone on this list own the VERY rare FIRST TG cassette: "IRC00 Best of... Vol.I" ?              I have been looking for this for a VERY LONG time. If someone does have this tape & would not mind duping me a copy(either to cassette or to cdr) I would GREATLY appreciate it & I would return the favor, as I have a LOT of rare TG/COUM releases(i.e. I have the 20 min. COUM film "After Cease To Exist", and several other rare TG gigs on DVD that I could copy for someone) as well as rare C&C/CTI gigs & a LOT of UN-released COIL albums/demo's/tracks, etc. that I would be willing to trade.
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