[Grief] TG: The Beginning and the End

andy at flesheatingants.com andy at flesheatingants.com
Sat Apr 29 13:07:59 PDT 2006

Well you can download the first minute of every vintage TG gig on the  
brainwashed site now from the CD box sets; I'd be curious to hear the  
difference with the orig tape releases, but I imagine most will be  
identical to the CD.  Does anyone on list have the whole 24 hours tape  

Quoting random99 <random99 at ntlworld.com>:

> ...Maybe not quite so dramatic as the subject line suggests, but it would
> make an interesting piece (maybe a whole old new TG work in itself - could
> be called "Copyright Deficit") if someone with the 24 Hours tape set could
> splice the start and end bits from the TG gigs together chronologically and
> release them as one recording...I think it would make for a nice
> historical/evolutionary footnote for the early years of Throbbing Gristle.
> Whilst I heard the tapes a few years ago, unfortunately I don't have them
> myself, so can't offer to produce this. Would anyone one the list who has
> them be prepared to put such a thing together? We can then hopefully find a
> way to make it available to list members as an .mp3?
> Finally, not strictly TG related, but someone posted a link to a page of
> covers for W S Burroughs' books to the JG Ballard list. May be of interest
> to some here:
> http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/burroughs-books/index.html
> Regards
> Paul
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