[Grief] Live #1 - Air Gallery 7/6/76

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  bland, medicocre, "frilly" music that washes over you, leaving nothing  in its wake...  music sinking that low is scary - terrifying!

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>I actually liked the UK Guardian article.  Partially because at the time I
>read it, the idea of listening to 24 hours straight of TG was pretty much
>unbearable, considering 3 minutes could scare me shitless.

You know - people take this shit way too seriously sometimes. It's heavy, 
it's forbidding, it's intense - but "scary"? Come on, now. Really. What 
passes for "pop" these days - now THAT's scary.

>What I did like was the portion of the article where he went to the
>underground and took off his headphones, only to find the noise around him
>was far worse.  I've had those moments.  They are a good, solid reminder
>that what TG points toward is the real world.

Again - this is certainly not limited to TG. I never - and I mean NEVER - am 
out in pubic without headphones on. (I also don't find TG all that conducive 
to "moving about" listening, but that's just me.) But I've gotten to the 
point where I get seriously agitated by having to stand in a line somewhere 
and listen to the meaningless drivel going on around me.

Humanity - just say no!  : >

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