[Grief] LJ back up

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 16:46:06 PDT 2006

OK - since there does seem to still be some support, the LJ is back up, with 
this mornings two reviews of the ICA added.


Please understand that I wasn't pissed off at anybody - I just figured that 
I'd done enough yabbering on here about the thing by this point, and that 
maybe just turning it off would let me know if anybody was actually 
still/watching, "into" it. It certainly wasn't meant as a "taking the keys 
away" gesture, or anything like that.

As I said last time, while I still think there is some merit in going 
chronologically, I will be willing to take entries on any of the shows at 
this point. Sometime this weekend I will adjust the main page to have 
immediate links to each show. And as before, any entries sent to me or 
unscreened comments to the site should usually be available for viewing no 
later than a few hours (if not less than that) after they've been sent. (Or 
possibly a few more if I'm asleep at the time...)  : >


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