[Grief] IRCD02 review

Adam Klotblixt adam.klotblixt at tanner.se
Thu Apr 27 11:52:08 PDT 2006

The CD is one long 60-minute track, but the music is only some 40 minutes 
long. The rest is just digital silence.

A tentative track-listing:
01 00:00 Intro
02 01:50 Very Friendly
03 17:40 We Hate You
04 19:28 Unknown Instrumental
05 23:43 Slug Bait
06 28:00 Dead Ed
07 32:00 Interlude with introduction of next track
08 32:50-40:13 Zyklon B Zombie

The intro is just some talk and testing (?) of instruments.

Very Friendly is a song which I really like, and this is a very good version 
of it. To me, this song does a VERY good job at delivering the madness and 
creepiness of the crimes described in the lyrics.

We Hate You and Very Friendly blend into each other, so it's hard to tell 
when the songs separate. Not my favorite song, but quite short, energetic 
and hateful.

Some bass and synth form the Unknown Instrumental, along with some samples 
from TV/radio (?). Quite boring.

Slug Bait sounds very complete, something I didn't anticipate from this 
early concert. I really like Gen's echo on the song, it nags at something in 
my head.

Dead Ed ends in a whorle of sound. Nice.

The interlude is Gen talking and some intruments grazing the soundscape 
without real purpose.

Zyklon B Zombie is a lot of good noise. Ends with an beating single tone.

This is only their 3rd concert but as a whole this concert is very 
impressive! The TG-sound is really there and I get the feeling that they 
have got their dynamics in order, they play together as a unit.

Most of the songs from this concert are available on other CDs, but I'll 
have to take a dig into the archives to see which songs appear where. I'll 
also compare to the tape-version to see what differs (if anything).

/Adam Klotblixt
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