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C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 26 19:26:16 PDT 2006

>From: Euripydes <euripydes at gmail.com>
>The tglive livejournal has gone... Too early, surely, to call it a day!

Well - here's the deal.

I made it abundantly (and repeatedly) clear that I wanted this to be a 
community effort. And the last two notices I made - both on the front page 
of the journal, and here on the list - specifically mentioned/requested that 
if people would like to join the fray, to please do so. And I have received 
- zip. Nada. Not a word. From anybody. (And the comments on the site itself 
have not exactly been voluminous, either - or at least not in relation to 
the level of interest here that seemed to be expressed at the outset.)

So - this morning, I deleted the thing, to see if anyone would even notice. 
And lo and behold - two answers within a few hours. So what's going on? Is 
everybody just wanting to read it, or do we actually have people who want to 
contribute also?

The reason I decided to set it up like I did was to keep it organized and 
tidy, and so it wouldn't become too much of a sprawling mess. If anybody is 
turned off by this, a) I'm sorry, and b) you shouldn't be. What I said, I 
meant - anybody that sends something to me is going to have it posted up 
there, unedited, and with full credit.

We can change the chronological aspect also, I suppose, if anybody is having 
a problem with this. It would be quite easy for me to just make links on the 
main page that go to each disc - so whatever anybody sends can go up 
whenever I get it, and we can gradually fill it all in.

Or - is the problem that nobody (or very few) here actually have the boxes 
to start with? If this is the case, then I understand, but once again - my 
impression from the original reactions to the idea did not lead me to 
believe that this was the case.

Anyway - I still think it's a good idea. I've personally been sick as a dog 
the past few days, and also busy with other things, so I haven't even been 
able to get to the ICA show as of yet. Which, I thought, wouldn't be much of 
a problem, since I figured that surely I would have seen some stuff 
trickling in by now from other parties. But alas....silence.

So - somebody start showing me that this is something they actually have an 
interest in, and we're back in business. I'm more than happy to admin and 
maintain the thing - IF it's a functional, ongoing concern. Otherwise, it's 
a rather pointless waste of time. (Kinda like this new version of 
"Persuasion", for instance.....but we'll let that pass for now....)  : p


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