[Grief] Gen on TG

David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 18 09:44:08 PDT 2006

Off Gens website

TG..well this is NOT a TG site. E am baffled as to why
there are rumours that TG is splitting up. We have ben
doing fabulous gigs. Recorded an amazing and worthy
album...PART TWO- THE ENDLESS NOT...and we are already
working on special uber-events for 2007, if not
before. Just because a minor point was made in a
letter to a magazine, basically suggesting coumthing
was a collaboration, rather than a separate piece, has
NO, repeat NO relevance to TG. A mere art Astory
correction is NOT anything to do with TG. It is not
even necessarily how everyone views I.T. just one
Individuals opinion. Open to criticism. Thee idea that
ANYONE should coumhow exponentiate a minor lettr to a
major issue is ridiculous. We are all entitled to our
opinions and free speech. Tht does NOT ever mean that
TG is in jeopardy, merely, that we all have a right to

Come on out there. Get a L-if-E and get real, and gt
on with YOUR actions.

To my knowledge Throbbing Gristle ( reformed) is
healthy, happy and ready to BLOW YOUR MINDS. We do not
need to agree, love each other, speak to each other,
or respect each other for TG to still remain a force
to be exalted. As I.T. happens E am amicable and happy
to be with, around nd performing with ALL ov TG. E am
excited to perform and create new music. Thee tension
and differnces within TG are EXACTLY what makes thee
magick ov TG work. We have all talked about that. How,
regardless ov our inter-relationships ups and downs,
once we get onstage, or in a studio, coumthing SPCIAL
happens. None ov us can really explain I.T. There is
no need. I.T. just is. So, Even IF we hated each
other, TG would work. TG is the sum total ov 4 very
special individuals and what they express through
music and words at any given momeant.

Now stop inventing baseless gossip and create
coumthing yourselves, those who would try to insert
themselves into our projects.

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