[Grief] Re: Cosey's reply + art month, TG site updates etc.

Stephen Robinson heiferboy at robinsonworld.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Apr 17 21:18:27 PDT 2006


> -Well that's cool, good to know about the Gristiliser - but still  
> doesn't verify if the
> Hat Fair is the 40 min show or the 15 min show.
> OK, so I've updated the TG page today, the front page mentions and  
> links to the LJ
> community.
> True to my claims I stumbled home on sunday afternoon and stopped by  
> the library on the
> way and scanned the Art Montly letter, and it can be found from a link  
> on the TG news
> bage.
> I've also upped over 100 mp3 clips of the first minute of every track  
> that was over 2
> mins long on a load of the early, rare cassette releases, all of TG24  
> and TG+, 20 Jazz
> Funk Greats, the recent live 3" CD and various other things.  Also I  
> stuck the ICA show
> radio spot up in time for the ICA LJ thread.
> All can be found raiding around here:
> http://brainwashed.com/tg/
> Have fun!
> Andy!
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