[Grief] it was 10 years ago today...

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Sun Apr 16 13:40:18 PDT 2006

brainwashed.com launched!

You are cordially invited to attend BRAINWAVES, the festival celebrating
10 years of Brainwashed.com - perhaps the last festival I'll ever
organize!  November 17/18/19, 2006 (f'n awesome air and hotel time cos
it's way off peak) in Boston.

Performers include: Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin, Volcano the
Bear, DJ Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter (of Nurse With Wound),
Irr.App.(Ext.), Jessica Bailiff, Windy & Carl, V/Vm and the Caretaker,
Goodiepal, Troum, Aranos, Edward Ka-Spel and the Silverman, Keith
Fullerton Whitman, Landing, Howard Stelzer, Charles Atlas, Cock ESP, Aidan
Baker, and the Dresden Dolls.  There are more performers to be added as
well as some special surprise guests and ensembles that I'm not at liberty
to reveal at this point. Additionally we'll be showing music videos and
music films (some really awesome ones that we're waiting on confirmation
for) on the big screen before, after, and in between performances.

This event is not to be missed!

Additionally, RRRecords will be holding a Rare Records fair there, and, if
you know his auctions, he's got some unbelievable things in the vaults.

Only 500 tickets will be available. Travel tips, hotel specials, and more
details can be found at www.brainwashed.com/10. Brainwaves is being
sponsored by RRRecords, Kranky, Jnana Records, ArchEnemy, Free Internet
Press, and WZBC.  Support our sponsors cos they're supporting this as much
as they can.

Thanks for your attention, and I hope to see you there.

sincerely yours,



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