[Grief] Live #1 - Air Gallery 7/6/76

stephen ives stephen at digitalcutuplounge.com
Sun Apr 16 08:46:48 PDT 2006

On 15 Apr 2006, at 21:14, Cameron Smart & Ana Belen Estella wrote:

you should have looked around a bit more - as there were actually quite 
a few others around Hong Kong experiencing TG in similar circumstances 


>  I really wanted to speak to people about it, and would really have 
> loved this blog thing, but being stuck in Hong Kong at the time, 
> people looked at me in a sort of indulgent way they do with a relative 
> who has lost it. But not having an outlet made it an even more intense 
> experience. Abiding memory was being on a rush hour tube in Hong Kong 
> at the time of the SARS outbreak in April 2003, just when the gigs 
> were the e-coli stuff and being surrounded by throngs of people with 
> dentist masks on.

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