[Grief] LJ tweaks and update

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 16 02:03:52 PDT 2006

Hello again to everyone,

Did a little more brainstorming on the LJ project today - I have made a few 
adjustments, all of which I now have up and explained on the user info 
account page.

Basically, the more I thought about it, I realized that the password sharing 
plan could result in some potential messes, or repetitions - so, instead of 
doing that, if somebody has an "advance" review ready, just send it directly 
to me, and I'll post in when we get to the disc in question.

I say "when" because this also means that if someone doesn't neessarily feel 
like waiting around to listen to a particular one, you can do it whenever 
you want, and it will be with me ready and waiting for when the time comes 
(as I would like to keep the site itself running in chronological order.) I 
will keep everything in a file, and post them in the order that I receive 

Sound good? Hope so. Any other comments and suggestions always welcome. (And 


PS to Andrew G. - maybe too soon to tell yet - but in the next few weeks, if 
things seem to be picking up a little steam, maybe a mention/link to it 
somewhere on the Brainwashed site? (Could also bring more contributors in, 

>From: "C. A. Polk" <capolk at hotmail.com>
>Reply-To: grief at hollyfeld.org
>To: grief at hollyfeld.org
>Subject: [Grief] OK gang - here we go
>Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 03:37:10 +0000
>We now have a TG Live Live Journal home. It is located at :
>For those of you who have not used this site before, here's a quick rundown 
>of the main stuff :
>1. Clicking the "user info" link will bring up the main account info page, 
>with the little "manifesto" I have written. If anybody would like to make 
>comments or suggestions about this, please feel free to let me know about 
>them (though let's do that here, not there.) My goal is, as I have stated 
>here previously, to keep what's there very focused on the topic at hand, 
>and to not stray into other areas (which we can still discuss here.)
>1a. To get back to the main journal page, just click the tglive link at the 
>top of the info page.
>2. You (or anybody) can comment simply by clicking the "leave comment" link 
>at the bottom of the entry. I have started the ball rolling, and to give an 
>idea of what it all looks like, by reposting my original first "review", 
>and the three comments (pertaining to the recording) that have followed it.
>2a. If there are already comments there, by going to those, and then 
>choosing "reply to this", the subject (disc/concert) info will 
>automatically show up in the subject header. Should you be the first one to 
>leave a comment, it would be good to cut and paste the title header from 
>the main entry (as I did for these first examples) just for continuity's 
>sake. (My neatness/anal side, there - sorry.)  : >
>3. The "archive" link is rather self-explanatory. It'll show you when posts 
>have been made, and give you quick access to them. And as I mention on the 
>info page, just because we've moved on to the next show/disc certainly 
>doesn't mean the book is closed on the previous discussions either. I would 
>like to think that all of the discussions can stay "alive" in some way, 
>furthering the whole archive/resource aspect that some of us have expressed 
>a desire to try to accomplish with this.
>4. Basically, the reason you would need a password would be if you had a 
>first review to post. If you want to do this, just e-mail for the pw, and 
>then you can go to town. I am committed to this idea/project, and would be 
>happy to be the one to initiate the discussion of each one, just to keep 
>things simple - but I'm not trying to hog all the action, or anything like 
>that. So - if you want a password, just e-mail me off list and let me know.
>4. There appear to be 98 people who list TG as an interest of theirs on 
>their profiles. Rather than go after them, though, I would rather let them 
>find us. But if anybody knows people on there and wants to bring them in, 
>by all means, do. Not trying to keep it exclusive - just want to make sure 
>we try to keep it reasonable and organized.
>5. On a similar note, if anybody else here has a LJ account and would like 
>to add the tglive account to your friends list, go right ahead, and I will 
>add you back as a friend on it.
>All I can think of at the moment. Hope everybody likes it, and again, 
>please feel free to let me know about any possible tweaks or suggestions 
>you may have. It really is a simple system to use, I think. Let's see how 
>it goes.
>PS. - I'll go ahead and start the Winchester (or Air Gallery, take your 
>picK) discussion sometime tomorrow or Sunday.
>>From: "C. A. Polk" <capolk at hotmail.com>
>>Reply-To: grief at hollyfeld.org
>>To: grief at hollyfeld.org
>>Subject: [Grief] Live discussions on livejournal
>>Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 17:34:31 +0000
>>OK - seems like people are into this idea. I will get one up and running 
>>when I get home tonight. (Around 10-11 PM US EDT.)
>>As I say, one can post comments on LJ without actually having an account, 
>>so you don't have to sign in or anything to contribute. What I was 
>>thinking of doing though was making the password available to all list 
>>members, so if someone wanted to start up a new one (thread/discussion), 
>>they could. And I think limiting this access to list members only might 
>>keep it under control - can't tell for sure how many regulars we have here 
>>- 10-15, maybe? Or are there lurkers from everywhere about to surface?  : 
>> >
>>Anyway - any other ideas/requests on this, send them on, either on-list or 
>>direct to me.
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