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Sat Apr 15 21:35:28 PDT 2006

probably nothing peculiar about the site.  it was down last night, up again
this morning, down again when you checked it, up again now ... probably
server problems.

that photo of Gen and Cosey ... I've never seen him like that anywhere else

On 4/15/06, C. A. Polk <capolk at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Yep.
> >From: "david brookes" <harmaline23 at hotmail.com>
> >This one
> >http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/157/dsc00596large5pu.jpg
> >>From: "C. A. Polk" <capolk at hotmail.com>
> >>Years ago, I at one time had the Italian 2LP thing with the Red Ronnie
> >>fanzine and the lenghty interviews. In that booklet was a pic that I
> have
> >>never forgotten - it is of Cosey and Gen, probably circa 1980, or maybe
> >>even early '81. Cosey has her hand on Gen's face, and Gen has an
> >>expression on his face that, seriously, I don't know that you'd ever
> find
> >>in another photograph of him. I'm not even sure how much of the
> >>"backstory" I knew at the time - but like I say, we're talking probably
> >>15, 20 years now since I've seen the thing - and I remember it clear as
> a
> >>bell. It is a deeply moving picture, and truly conveys as much about the
> >>situation as any words probably ever could.
> >>Maybe if somebody has one they could get a good scan of it up somewhere?
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