[Grief] GP-O in Art Monthly

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 15 23:51:37 PDT 2006

>From: "david brookes" <harmaline23 at hotmail.com>
>I don't think he's ever got over the split between him and Cosey, he must 
>resent the fact that she found happiness with Chris.

Years ago, I at one time had the Italian 2LP thing with the Red Ronnie 
fanzine and the lenghty interviews. In that booklet was a pic that I have 
never forgotten - it is of Cosey and Gen, probably circa 1980, or maybe even 
early '81. Cosey has her hand on Gen's face, and Gen has an expression on 
his face that, seriously, I don't know that you'd ever find in another 
photograph of him. I'm not even sure how much of the "backstory" I knew at 
the time - but like I say, we're talking probably 15, 20 years now since 
I've seen the thing - and I remember it clear as a bell. It is a deeply 
moving picture, and truly conveys as much about the situation as any words 
probably ever could.

Maybe if somebody has one they could get a good scan of it up somewhere?

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