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Sun Apr 16 00:59:59 PDT 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 grief-request at hollyfeld.org wrote:

> Unfortunately my sources, primarely various fanzines and mags, from that
> time are no longer with me. Possibly You can find information about the
> boots on the net. It wouldn't be fair to point out certain releases, but
> there were plenty during the eighties...
> To name a few:

> F=FChrer der Mensheit,

released by Walter Ulbricht Schalfolien (under another name) in Hamburg.
Gen was paid for this. (there were two editions of this, BTW)

> Once Upon a Time,

C&C released this

"assume power focus" was released by Geff Rushton, the pressing was paid
for by Sleazy.

the Staaltape editions were originally done paying only Gen; after the
first 6 or so, C&C were paid as well (and that's when the match logo was
added to the cassette cover)

altijd tot Uw dienst


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