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C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 15 21:46:24 PDT 2006

>From: "InnerSanctum XVIII" <the.adversary at HotPOP.com>

>Unfortunately my sources, primarely various fanzines and mags, from that
>time are no longer with me. Possibly You can find information about the
>boots on the net.

Careful with all that backpedaling - you may fall over...

>It wouldn't be fair to point out certain releases, but there were plenty 
>during the eighties...
>To name a few:

LOL - wouldn't be fair - but you will anyway...

>Editions Frankfurt-Berlin,
>Führer der Mensheit,
>Nothing Short of a Total War,
>Once Upon a Time,
>Special Treatment
>According to the information I acquired more than one was released by C&C.
>Of  course they will deny it. Who wouldn't?

Yeah....ummm - the difference being that :

a) they didn't "release" these,
b) I believe some of them were "quasi" official in the first place (ie, 
maybe of questionable origin, but at least on semi-established labels, as 
opposed to being "pure" bootlegs) - in fact I've always been under the 
impression that at least a few of the above titles had been officially 
sanctioned by the band to begin with, mainly because...
c) they consisted of TG live shows, and were clearly labelled as such. Which 
is not quite the same thing as the Dossier releases, which in no way are 
identified in any really clear manner (and carry the unmistakable whiff of 
somebody being a little peeved at somebody else at the time...or at least in 
serious need of some cash flow, whatever it took)

>I own 70 records by C&C. I've enjoyed their music since they began. I don't 
>give a fuck who's
>releasing what.

Apparently not - because if the figure you're quoting above is true, you 
sure must have a hell of a lot of boots yourself.

>Everyone in T.G. seems to stab eachother in the back, but everyone seems to 
>point their anguish at Gen. He's the bad guy! Shame on you Gen! I don't buy 

Yeah! I mean, come on, open your eyes, people - he's the bad GIRL!!!  : p

Let's not get all catty here, folks. Of course they're a slightly 
"dysfunctional family unit". They more or less always were. This is news to 
somebody here? Please.


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