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InnerSanctum XVIII the.adversary at HotPOP.com
Sat Apr 15 23:16:40 PDT 2006

Unfortunately my sources, primarely various fanzines and mags, from that
time are no longer with me. Possibly You can find information about the
boots on the net. It wouldn't be fair to point out certain releases, but
there were plenty during the eighties...
To name a few:
Editions Frankfurt-Berlin,
Führer der Mensheit,
Nothing Short of a Total War,
Once Upon a Time,
Once Upon a Time
According to the information I acquired more than one was released by C&C.
Of  course they will deny it. Who wouldn't? And Grant, I own 70 records by
C&C. I've enjoyed their music since they began. I don't give a fuck who's
releasing what. Everyone in T.G. seems to stab eachother in the back, but
everyone seems to point their anguish at Gen. He's the bad guy! Shame on you
Gen! I don't buy it.

C. A. Polk <capolk at hotmail.com> writes:

They did? Such as what? Do tell, please.

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