[Grief] Live #1 - Air Gallery 7/6/76

Cameron Smart & Ana Belen Estella cam.belen at virgin.net
Sat Apr 15 22:14:36 PDT 2006

The blog thing is a great idea.

I personally got quite annoyed with this article. Reducing TG to some sort 
of circus act that you did some macho posturing by listening to it to show 
how hard you were. I actually did something similar (but I think more 
worthwhile) at the time that TG24 was released by listening to one CD a 
week, and only that CD (or the 2 previous TG24 CDs that fitted onto my old 
MP3 player). I listened to absolutely nothing else for 6 months. I must say 
that it was like coming through the Event Horizon or something when I 
finished and I really found it difficult to listen to anything else for a 
good few weeks.Listening to them like that was like driving quite slowly and 
watching the landscape go by. I really wanted to speak to people about it, 
and would really have loved this blog thing, but being stuck in Hong Kong at 
the time, people looked at me in a sort of indulgent way they do with a 
relative who has lost it. But not having an outlet made it an even more 
intense experience. Abiding memory was being on a rush hour tube in Hong 
Kong at the time of the SARS outbreak in April 2003, just when the gigs were 
the e-coli stuff and being surrounded by throngs of people with dentist 
masks on.

I then did the same for 3 months when TG24 came out. Obviously.

I won't promise the contribute to all of them, as changes in my domestic 
situation means I've got limited time, but will try to listen to selected 
ones and re-conjure up my sentiments.


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> There was a piece in the Guardian where a journalist
> did the whole box in 24 hours. It's not the most
> exciting piece in the world but you can read it here
> http://arts.guardian.co.uk/features/story/0,,867116,00.html
> Dave B
> --- Kev <orobouros at dangermedia.org> wrote:
>> I like this idea...  might also open up the
>> discussion a bit to non-list
>> users.
>> I have this maniacal goal of doing the whole 24 hour
>> box in 24 hours
>> sometime.  Not this week, however.  :)
>> I expect to be a gibbering lunatic by the end of it.
>> -Kev.
>> C. A. Polk wrote:
>> > I'm not normally the blogging sort - but I do have
>> some experience on
>> > livejournal, which I find to be the most user
>> friendly. (You can also
>> > make comments there without having to sign up
>> yourself.)
>> >
>> > If everybody else would also like to go this
>> route, let me know, and
>> > I'd be happy to make an account on there for this.
>> Let's see a few
>> > hands first, though.
>> >
>> > And one, or maybe two, a week would be OK with me
>> too. I guess 5 was
>> > going a bit overboard, maybe...  : >
>> >
>> >
>> >> From: Alex Morrice <alex at walkeastlothian.co.uk>
>> >> This is all sounding a bit bloggish to me... It's
>> a great idea, but
>> >> instead of doing it by email, why not post your
>> reviews on blogger
>> >> (or somewhere similar) and the rest of us can
>> chime in with comments.
>> >> That way, we've got a useful set of listening
>> notes that we can all
>> >> bookmark and refer to in future.
>> >> The 24 hours/TG+ box sets are a fabulous resource
>> but they're just so
>> >> huge that it's hard to get a handle on them.
>> >> BTW: One a week would be a better schedule for
>> me...
>> >
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