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andy at flesheatingants.com andy at flesheatingants.com
Sat Apr 15 08:52:38 PDT 2006

Again, this is something I'm hoping to put together with information  
on each track - but it will take some time and will be quite tricky.   
Something like Corey's done for Skinny Puppy and Co.

I'm also hoping to get extensive pictures in there of all the vinyl  
releases, inclusing back cover, labels, inserts etc.  But this is also  
something I'll need help with.  But right now if anyone has an image  
of a release not in the discog already please email it over!

Quoting Adam Klotblixt <adam.klotblixt at tanner.se>:

> I miss information regarding what tapes/LPs/CDs has overlapping music.
> Many of the bootlegs/Dossier releases come from some other record/tape
> or is a mix of some previous recordings.
> I think this is a forensic audio job that needs to be a group effort as
> it will certainly be up for discussion/interpretation on what comes
> from where.
> Maybe another LJ or a wikipedia job?
> /Adam
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