[Grief] Live #1 - Air Gallery 7/6/76

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Sat Apr 15 06:19:40 PDT 2006

I would say LJ would work well.  Actually I am a pretty massive fan of TG but I
rarely respond to email lists.  I do watch though...If you set up an lj list I
am rainbowbrite242 on it.  I would love to join in on that.

As for the 24 hours of TG I just came from 12 of neubauten and 12 of coil from
painting my new apt.  I have a feeling it makes similar patterns of swiss
scheese of the brain.  Can't wait to do it when I get the box set.  But I dont
think speed would be enough outside help to listen.  

Quoting Alex Morrice <alex at walkeastlothian.co.uk>:

> This is all sounding a bit bloggish to me... It's a great idea, but 
> instead of doing it by email, why not post your reviews on blogger (or 
> somewhere similar) and the rest of us can chime in with comments. That 
> way, we've got a useful set of listening notes that we can all bookmark 
> and refer to in future.
> The 24 hours/TG+ box sets are a fabulous resource but they're just so 
> huge that it's hard to get a handle on them.
> BTW: One a week would be a better schedule for me...
> C. A. Polk wrote:
> > OK - got to start tonight after all. A few initial hiccups however...
> >
> >
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