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Fri Apr 14 20:01:39 PDT 2006

I think it's a very good idea, and whatever works best is fine.  That's how
lj works, and I'm not sure it's the best medium regardless (I'm not a "fan"
of lj).  A seperate mailing list perhaps would work instead?

And yes, this is much more interesting than all the arguments.

On 4/14/06, C. A. Polk <capolk at hotmail.com> wrote:
> OK - to me, we could easily still do this here. Not saying I don't like
> the
> group/LJ idea - but it's not something I have sufficent time to be able to
> devote admin time to as well. And I have no interest in being some kind of
> "censor/editor" either.
> The only "free-for-all" I was referring to was to keep just anybody from
> blitzing in and starting new post/threads - although certainly, as was
> mentioned before, comments within the threads from outisders would
> certainly
> always be welcome.
> I'm going to look into the community thing. However, just having a single
> account, with passwords given to those from here who want to particpate
> would also work just as well, I think.
> Summing it up - if we do this, we're doing it to talk about the discs -
> not
> get into arguments about the arena in which we're doing it. And I'm not
> really looking for it to turn it to another general TG board/list. That's
> what we have here already. My thought is/was for this to be solely a
> resource for the live material and discs - of which there is certainly
> enough of to warrant its own special "home" for info.
> Anyway - I'll be working on it when I get off work tonight, and when I
> have
> something up and ready, I'll post the link and info here.
> >From: "name pending" <aisuelite at gmail.com>
> >You can set up the community so membership is open, or moderated, so you
> >can
> >keep it from becoming a freeforall that way.
> >Or, you can grant selective posting access to some members and not all,
> but
> >i'm not sure if that disables their abilities to comment.  if so, that
> wont
> >help.
> >Or, if you have time to go through them all, you can set posts to
> >moderated,
> >meaning you'd merely have to approve the entries before theya ppear.
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