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Fri Apr 14 19:05:17 PDT 2006

Well, here's all the things you can do:
You can set up the community so membership is open, or moderated, so you can
keep it from becoming a freeforall that way.
Or, you can grant selective posting access to some members and not all, but
i'm not sure if that disables their abilities to comment.  if so, that wont
Or, if you have time to go through them all, you can set posts to moderated,
meaning you'd merely have to approve the entries before theya ppear.

On 4/14/06, C. A. Polk <capolk at hotmail.com> wrote:
> OK - well, like I said, I'll set it up as the admin - but I'm certainly
> not
> looking to "rule" it or anything. This is why I said I thought maybe
> letting
> list members only have the "admin" privileges might be a workable idea -
> so
> anybody can comment, but only a few (or a reasonable, vetted amount) can
> actually start discussions, etc., lest it become a total free for all.
> >From: "name pending" <aisuelite at gmail.com>
> >what we can do is create a "community" on lj and the administrator can
> set
> >it to "invitation only" I believe.  That or people have to ask permission
> >to
> >join.  But we can indeed make it exclusive to people on this list.
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