[Grief] Live discussions on livejournal

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 14 21:14:16 PDT 2006

OK - well, like I said, I'll set it up as the admin - but I'm certainly not 
looking to "rule" it or anything. This is why I said I thought maybe letting 
list members only have the "admin" privileges might be a workable idea - so 
anybody can comment, but only a few (or a reasonable, vetted amount) can 
actually start discussions, etc., lest it become a total free for all.

>From: "name pending" <aisuelite at gmail.com>
>what we can do is create a "community" on lj and the administrator can set
>it to "invitation only" I believe.  That or people have to ask permission 
>join.  But we can indeed make it exclusive to people on this list.

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