[Grief] GP-O in Art Monthly

Metabolic mtabolic at ix.netcom.com
Fri Apr 14 11:03:31 PDT 2006

This was just posted by "exptv" in the GP-O blog:

for the latest on gpo vs tg check out the new Art Monthly. I cant find it on
the newstands yet but sources tell me gpo has written a long 'no holds
barred' ; ) rant against Cosey Fanni Tutti. Its words say cft's art
is/was/will be 'gpo's idea' and she's ripping him off (or something). No
word from cft but plenty from gpo. They say it's an ugly read. I thought
gpo's "i love PTV/i hate TG" interview in Zero Tolerance last year was just
the junk talking. Apparently not and all is definitely not well in TG-land.
1 gpo says it didn't write it "it was the junk talking".
2 gpo doesn't remember writing it "it was the junk talking".
3 gpo wrote it and means every word
4 gpo wrote it as an open resignation letter to TG
5 gpo wrote it - and TG have already split up = THAT's why there's no new TG

My money is on the last one........

By exptv on Apr 13, 2006 11:02 PM

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