[Grief] Live #1 - Air Gallery 7/6/76

Kev orobouros at dangermedia.org
Fri Apr 14 10:53:44 PDT 2006

Well, I'll contribute to the discussion... maybe review as well, but I 
was more responding to the other idea to put it on LJ or something.

I was the one who was going to subject myself to 24 hours of non-stop TG 
at some point.  :)

andy at flesheatingants.com wrote:
> Hey gang,
> Been away for a bit and just back to a flood of emails, but let me see 
> if I can get my head around this.
> -there was an error in the discog on the 24 hours section of IRC3 with 
> the dates, which is fixed that now, and I dug out the CD - I think the 
> shows are in the right order with the Air gallery show being the long 
> instrumental and the Hat Fair being the 15 min show (they were playing 
> at an English hat fair after all, they're lucky to have gotten 2 
> minutes of a show in) where skeletal Very Friendly and Dead Ed 
> versions are played - excerpts of which crop up on IRC1 - Best Of 
> Volume 2.  Are people in agreement with this?
> -so Kev is going to review each of the TG live shows?  Sounds like a 
> cool idea, I was thinking about doing the same actually.  I'm hoping 
> to do a lot with the live section of the site and have a page for each 
> show with any reviews form the time, snipets of interviews about the 
> shows, any fliers or pics I've come across and also have sound (and 
> possibly video for some) clips.  If you want to get started and have 
> them on an LJ or a myspace or something then cool, and when I get 
> round to getting the live section done I could put them up there with 
> the other info.
> With regards to buying TG albums, if you're in the UK check out your 
> local indie stores - the two main ones in Edinburgh, Fopp and 
> Avalanche, have virtually every Mute disc for £5 each.  No excuses to 
> have gaps in your collection when albums are that cheap.
> Have a fun Easter guys,
> Andy
> Quoting Kev <orobouros at dangermedia.org>:
>> I like this idea...  might also open up the discussion a bit to
>> non-list users.
>> I have this maniacal goal of doing the whole 24 hour box in 24 hours
>> sometime.  Not this week, however.  :)
>> I expect to be a gibbering lunatic by the end of it.
>> -Kev.
>> C. A. Polk wrote:
>>> I'm not normally the blogging sort - but I do have some experience  
>>> on livejournal, which I find to be the most user friendly. (You can 
>>>  also make comments there without having to sign up yourself.)
>>> If everybody else would also like to go this route, let me know,  
>>> and I'd be happy to make an account on there for this. Let's see a  
>>> few hands first, though.
>>> And one, or maybe two, a week would be OK with me too. I guess 5  
>>> was going a bit overboard, maybe...  : >
>>>> From: Alex Morrice <alex at walkeastlothian.co.uk>
>>>> This is all sounding a bit bloggish to me... It's a great idea,  
>>>> but instead of doing it by email, why not post your reviews on  
>>>> blogger (or somewhere similar) and the rest of us can chime in  
>>>> with comments. That way, we've got a useful set of listening notes 
>>>>  that we can all bookmark and refer to in future.
>>>> The 24 hours/TG+ box sets are a fabulous resource but they're just 
>>>>  so huge that it's hard to get a handle on them.
>>>> BTW: One a week would be a better schedule for me...
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