[Grief] Any more?

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 14 05:32:34 PDT 2006

>From: "name pending" <aisuelite at gmail.com>
>-laugh- count me in on what I can do.  I hardly own anything!  I only own
>the second and third reports and the mission of dead souls.  i'm terribly
>deprived.  someone should mail me the 24 hour boxed set.

Jeez man - maybe you'll just have to watch.  : p

At least get yourself a 20 Jazz Funk Greats sometime soon, though. No home 
is complete without one.

Maybe after the live stuff, we'll do the regular albums. Or take periodic 
breaks in the live flow to throw those in too.

I just posted my first waffle. Chew slowly before swallowing.  : >

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