[Grief] Live #1 - Air Gallery 7/6/76

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 14 05:28:52 PDT 2006

OK - got to start tonight after all. A few initial hiccups however...

This and the Winchester Hat Fair show from August are both on disc 2 of the 
set (IRC3). But comparing the info from the book (WOC), to how they're 
listed on the booklet from the box (and also, the current discog page, if 
you're reading this, AG), it's a bit of a muddle as to which is which. It 
appears to me, however, that the 21 minute track is the Air show, and the 38 
minute one the Winchester. If anybody knows different, please set me 
straight. (And again, Andrew, if this is in fact the case, so you know, the 
discog page is currently in error on this matter.)

OK - end of trainspotterly intro....the following is assuming the above (ie, 
the 21 minute track from disc 2).

Not a huge amount to say about the Air show, really, in part because it's so 
brief. The bulk of it is GPO hammering out that two note bass riff he 
apparently loved so much (or was only capable of playing, take your pick - 
lol.) A short lyrical snatch of "Dead Ed". At about 7:30 and 12:30, we get 
some brief little dialogue snippets (from Sleazy, one would assume.) And at 
around 10:00, there's a nice little section of some fat, low synth sweeps. 
Don't really hear a lot of what Cosey's input on this one might have been. 
Also - rather perverse, since they released it this way, that the 21 minutes 
is really only 16. We get five minutes of basically nothing after the 16 
minute mark, other than a high-pitched squeal for about a minute and a half, 
and the odd muffled voice thereafter. (I personally like to imagine puzzled 
punters wandering around and scratching their heads during this part...)

Having described all of this "not much"-ness however, it should be noted - 
already, in this first quarter of an hour of recorded material, the "TG 
sound" is *completely* there. I wish I had a better way to define it. But 
I'm sure those of you here know what I mean. Let's face it - these are four 
people who, in the strictly "musical" sense, had (and have) fairly finite 
capabilities. But somehow, the four of them together created this thing - 
almost like this separate, organic entity unto itself - that is simply 
impossible to not *instantly* recognize as TG. One could certainly point to 
previous (at that time) areas that explored some similar territories 
(particularly by late 60's/early 70's German artists) - but again - there is 
a uniqueness here that is....well, unique! (Of their "brethren", I would say 
that Cabaret Voltaire were also very similar in this regard.)

Personally speaking, if and when anybody ever wants to talk "industrial" 
with me - this is where it starts. (And in many ways, ends...) And I don't 
think "noise" is an appropriate term or umbrella at ALL for this stuff. It's 
abrasive, a lot of it's formless - but "noise" to me has a much larger 
connotation of overall randomness to it - and as "improvised" as TG live may 
have been - I think they also always had a fairly clear idea of the general 
direction they were headed.

So - that's me for initial manifestos and show #1 (we think...). Winchester 
from IRC3 (disc 2) next, followed by IRC2 (disc 1), the ICA Prostitution 

Let the games begin!


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