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miike kitano61 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 14:54:40 PDT 2006

ach!  cabaret voltaire...  great band, who cracked it with  "voice of america", then kept on remaking it over and over until people  stopped being fooled.  (i gave up after "the crackdown"...)
  those early lps, though.  ymca/mix-up/VoA/red mecca & 2x45...  they've lasted the test of time.

"Marten S." <mohnomishe at hotmail.com> wrote:  
miike  wrote:
>aye, i'll concede the first 2 ramones' lps were ok.  but from  "rocket to 
>russia onwards" - euch.  popmusic.  and wasn't  "road to ruin" produced by 
>phil spector?

No, that was "End Of the Century", a criminally underrated album.
You may very well say that Spector did for the Ramones, what
Flood did for Cabaret Voltaire.

// Marten (who owns more albums by Ramones than TG... both well into 
double-figure though)

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