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Genius - with the dad's army cast you could have a TV vehicle (like the
monkees) to go with it. The whole package - concerts (including theater with
favourite bits from the original Dads Army and the new TV show) , TV , CD ,
spin off merchandising. Right in at the heart of the current nostalgia
trend. Can't Fail



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why stop at music?  death's picked off most of the "dad's army" cast - i
wonder how many of them are left and could be co-erced into dad's silver


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So the line up of The Silver Beatles would be two or three drummers
(depending if you want Marky in), CJ on Bass ( I don't think that "sucking"
should be a reason not to be in the silver beatles) and Macca on Bass and
Vocals (and any other instruments he might play). 


In other hands that might be quite an interesting setup but I'm guessing not
in this instance. Perhaps we could let them have some ex members of wings to
provide a little instrumental diversity or we could add another band to the






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Funny you mentioned the depleted members of Ramones & Beatles getting
together; because once the Beatles started becoming somewhat famous( and
were still called The Silver Beatles) Paul Mcartney used to check into
hotels under the alias "Ramone", as to not draw attention. And Douglas
Colvin( Dee-Dee Ramone) thought that was a really cool name to go by( as he
loved the Beatles too), so dee-dee went by Ramone for several years BEFORE
the Ramones settled on that name for their band. Just an interesting bit of
music history101 for those that might not know that!

SO, maybe they COULD mesh together as the "Silver Ramones"! - LOL-
...although Dee-Dee, Joey and Johnny  are ALL dead now, except for Tommy,
(the original drummer) and Marky (the 2nd drummer) and the worthless CJ who
TRIED to replace Dee-Dee, but REALLY sucked, IMO!

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Perhaps groups with depleted members could get together into mutant groups: 


The beatles and the ramones playing the greatest hits of both (perhaps with
a little wings thrown in for good measure). 



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