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miike kitano61 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 11:14:36 PDT 2006

aye, times & people *do* change.  and a band who were once  inspirational..?  who knows - keeping up-to-date on their present  activities might lead one to something brillian they're doing nowadays.
  for instance, i'll always take the time to check out soundtracks  composed by graeme revell, because he was once in spk.  however, i  won't pretend everything he does grabs me.
  likewise tg.  those four people created some fantastic music back  in the day.  all four have made the odd great post t/g album  (apart fi coil, who have a far better than average hit-rate)...
  anything they do, i'm going to check out.  just in case.  but  miserable behaviour (be it tg's or emi's) doesn't have to be  tolerated.  and every time tg "now" appear to do something the  "golden age" tg wouldn't have, their reputation is tarnished further.

David Bourgoin <david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:  So why are you on the list then. If nothing they do
now is of any interest to you whats the point in you
being here. Is it just to play devils advocate?

No of course they aren't what they were that was 25
years ago. Times change people change. 

Dave B

-- "C. A. Polk"  wrote:

> >From: David Bourgoin 
> >But the gig at the Astoria was great the DVD of it
> >looks just as great and I'm enjoying the new TG
> >events.
> Nobody's saying you can't, or shouldn't be.
> >So many people want to just knock them down all the
> >time and have some sort of desire to see them fail.
> No - some people are just pointing out that they are
> but a mere shadow of 
> once they once were, and are tarnishing their rep a
> little with the current 
> stuff.
> >If you think it's that bad and that pointless than
> get
> >up of your arse and go and do something yourselves
> >instead of just complaining about TG reforming.
> Uhhhh......yeah. Can I get you a bib?  : p

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