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Thu Apr 13 09:40:15 PDT 2006

hmmm.  but a lot of people, when you ask them "what kind of music  do you like", will answer, "oh, i like anything".  which doesn't  mean they actually like anything - it just means they can put up with  anything.
  (then try letting them hear a little navicon torture technologies and see how they "like" that!)
  to my mind, actually liking music, implies there are other areas of  music that SET MY FUCKING TEETH ON EDGE AND MAKE ME WANT TO KILL.
  marketing withing the music industry seems hell-bent on selling anodyne musics to people who don't really care.
  just my tuppenceworth.

jgm <mujyo at comcast.net> wrote:  On Wednesday 12 April 2006 7:06 am, mark wrote:
> "people still fucking -buy- depeche mode, erasure, goldfrapp and moby cds?
> "
> People buy popular music shocker!!
> Most people don't really like music. They listen to stuff that reminds them
> of being a teenager and good times and stuff. And things other people like.
> Are you expecting people to suddenly stop behaving like this and start
> thinking about what they listen to?

Actually I've not heard those bands mentioned for a long time, not even from 
my trendiest friends. I'm sure people still go to their shows, but I doubt 
their CD sales are anything worth noting. Well except for maybe Goldfrapp I 
heard a friend say she wanted to buy the CD, but that was last year when it 
was big in the UK. So, I was honestly rhetorically saying that I don't think 
people buy that shit. I try to keep up on bestsellers through various 
channels as well and never see those names pop up. Maybe they're popular in 
relation to Panasonic... Plus just because people buy an album to feel 
something they might have lost, well that doesn't mean they're 'not 
thinking'. You don't have to listen to non-melodic 'outsider' music to have a 
conscious relationship to your tunes. 
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