[Grief] Any more?

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 13 04:15:10 PDT 2006

>>why -did- they get back together?

>Money? Better than ending up working at B&Q?

And in the process, rendering the majority of their previous rhetoric as a 
bunch of nothing?

This has been my whole point in all of my jabs. And it's not even like I 
personally get that worked up about issues like that to begin with. But, 
having said that - if somebody here can lay out some really solid, valid, 
artistic reasons that one should really be bothered with them in 2006 (let 
alone 2004 and 2005) - I'd love to hear about them.

We have the live boxes now. There is enough in there to delve into and 
thoroughly enjoy for YEARS to come. Music that was, at the time it was 
created, very vital, and very relevant - and still carries resonances from 
that period to this day. How many people, even 5 years from now, do you 
think will be getting all misty over TGNow?

And as far as the delays - the people here who seem to think EMI are 
avoiding the situation, I would hazard a guess, have got it ALL wrong. TG 
are now, on their own scale, "living legend" material. I guarantee you that 
somebody, somewhere, within EMI, knows exactly what they now have under 
their umbrella. Beyond that, it's just standard, inept, major label business 
as usual.

Now how about something more interesting - a poll of favorites from the live 
boxes, maybe? All tiime favorite tracks? I mean - if it's gonna be all 
fan-boy around here, then let's really go mental, eh?.  : >

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