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Wed Apr 12 19:13:08 PDT 2006

why -did- they get back together?

On 4/12/06, Jon Whitney <turbid at turbid.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Apr 2006, mark wrote:
> > I have to say I am really surprised that TG don't do it themselves
> (except
> > that all of the members have proven themselves to be rubbish at running
> mail
> > order businesses at some point or other in their careers)
> Are you 'really surprised'?  They didn't "form" TG this time around.
> They were asked to play.  They didn't just call each other up and say
> "hey, let's play as TG again!" They don't even live on the same f'n
> continent as each other!  How are they going to "put it out themselves"?
> There's no office, no distributor, no press agent, no secretary, no
> studio.  What honestly surprises you?  That they're not all sitting in
> some run down flat in London making Xerox copies of covers and putting
> little bones and copper pieces in themselves and stamping?
> jonwhitney
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