[Grief] Any more?

mark mark at junklight.com
Wed Apr 12 16:06:43 PDT 2006

"people still fucking -buy- depeche mode, erasure, goldfrapp and moby cds? "

People buy popular music shocker!! 

Most people don't really like music. They listen to stuff that reminds them
of being a teenager and good times and stuff. And things other people like.

Are you expecting people to suddenly stop behaving like this and start
thinking about what they listen to? 

It is unlucky from the point of view of people who like music that a lot of
the "music industry" caters for this kind of product with a (tiny) side
helping of actual music. I buy almost all  of my music direct from the
people who make it (for example  Neubauten  or Andrew lilles) (interestingly
Andrew who sends out his packages personally is much better at it than
Neubauten) or people closely related (ICR)  for this very reason. 

I have to say I am really surprised that TG don't do it themselves (except
that all of the members have proven themselves to be rubbish at running mail
order businesses at some point or other in their careers) 

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