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It was exactly this type of loss of control of output that made them form Industrial Records in the first place. They get you in the end. (Well, they do if you embark on a reunion 25 years after the event).
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        someone posted something like "hey - anyone fancy pre-ordering a copy
        of the new CD and see what happens?"

        Well mines bought and paid for and should have been in my grubby little
        hands at the end December 2005! - so pre-ordering won't do you any

        The Astoria DVD is apparently finished and the "Endless Wait" is
        pressed and sitting in a warehouse somewhere!

        Seems EMI taking over Mute has confirmed my worst fears - their
        webshite (not a mistake) is only innarested in the likes of Depeche
        Mode, Erasure, Goldfrapp, Moby and any other "big" selling artists - so
        we and TG just don't matter anymore - bastards!


        P.S if anyone does have more info on release dates etc - please post!
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