[Grief] Any more?

David Law dlaw at mva.co.uk
Wed Apr 12 11:36:11 PDT 2006


someone posted something like "hey - anyone fancy pre-ordering a copy
of the new CD and see what happens?"

Well mines bought and paid for and should have been in my grubby little
hands at the end December 2005! - so pre-ordering won't do you any

The Astoria DVD is apparently finished and the "Endless Wait" is
pressed and sitting in a warehouse somewhere!

Seems EMI taking over Mute has confirmed my worst fears - their
webshite (not a mistake) is only innarested in the likes of Depeche
Mode, Erasure, Goldfrapp, Moby and any other "big" selling artists - so
we and TG just don't matter anymore - bastards!


P.S if anyone does have more info on release dates etc - please post!

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