[Grief] Art and Sound

h/eleoth aeos93 at mail.ru
Mon Nov 28 17:27:39 PST 2005

the art and sound project is the current started special for 
self-development and psychick activation. the wokr called "concrett" is 
the experience ov meeiting the inside deep space and it very powerful 
for personal meditation trip. this work is not completted or ended, 
everyone can feel free to add any one wants to this project: it maybe 
the pictures, sounds, sigils, all what you feel realy yours: are very 
welcoum. this can be used as one bank ov nrg for all each one's needs 
and/or ideas.

aor E

contact: aeos93 at mail.ru
423827 Russia p.o.box 27024

aor E / Z'ev :CONCRETT v1.2 Ancient in the Interim [2005]: AVAILABLE mailto:

PRD at universalpagan.com for 10$US per one CD

link to RHYTHMAJIK site ov Z'ev:

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