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Subject: Records shops in BERLIN

I went to "dense records" danziger strasse 28, 10435 berlin prenzlauer berg : good records shop with a lot of stuff from
techno-electronica to harsch noise. A few second hand collectors vinyls and a selection of rare cds.  Nice and friendly dealer.

"Neurotitan" rosenthaler strasse 39, 10178 berlin mitte
it´s a lil hard to find, direct beside an old cinema you have to go the backyard until the end and then upstairs
is in a great area with lots of bars and café, the shop has
also some kind of exhibition (paintings, installations...) and has a few
selection of cds / cd-rs of the most underground side of electronica and
industrial music. Lots of art books and home made t-shirt and other
underground artists stuff. It worth the walk only for the building and the
deco. Astonished.

"staalplaat" torstrasse72, 10119 berlin open since august 2004 after moving from amsterdam : GQG of good music !

I found also two shops in this aera (mitte) : 

"rotation records" with a huge
selection of techno and electronica and a friendly atmoshere in front of the
Gorki park bar and 

"INN" records shop near the alexander platz at the bus100 end stop : also a lots of techno and electronica and a few avant garde
cds and vinyls. Nice young dealers too.

and also :

Das Drehmoment! - Lychener Str - prenzlauerberg 

HardWax - Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a - kreuzberg 

Soultrade - Sanderstr. 29, Nu Jazz, House 

DNS - neue Schönhauser  - Mitte 

Dense Recordshop - Danziger Str 28. (near to das drehmoment) - 
competent partner in experimental stuff, the guys were splitting off 
from Neurotitan/Staalplaat.) 

Franz & Josef (Kastanienallee) - 2nd hand shop, all 80`s/70`s stuff 
for moderat prices) 

Platten-Pedro (one of the oldest 2nd hand shops in Berlin, Tegeler 
Weg-100 charlottenburg) 

Spacehall - they have a fantastic backstock of all electro, Zossener 
Str 33 - Kreuzberg) 

Raw Music (also in Zossener Str 20, fine selection of all electronic 

Alberto´s Schallplaten - Gneisenaustr. 86, Kreuzberg (U7 

flea market in MAUERPARK - Eberswalder/Bernauer Str (U2 Eberswalder 

Boxhagener Platz (Friedrichshain, only Sundays) 

Arkona Platz Fleamarket (Prenzlauer Berg, only sundays) 

Real Deal Records Gneisenaustr. 60, Lp's, Tapes, Filme, T-shirts 

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