Antw: Re: [Grief] The totem was his

Stephen Robinson heiferboy at
Tue Nov 8 22:00:48 PST 2005

There was a episode of Finbar Saunders in Viz about a year ago where

"I had a load of Punk albums, and some of them are worth a lot of money now"

"It makes my eyes water to remember the time my wife sat on my 10" of
Throbbing Gristle and broke it in half"

> Yes, give us adresses....He'll watch his favorite Throbbing Gristle
> while  I'll entertain her with mine. ;-)  
> Sorry if I have offended anybody, but this one was to easy.
> _______________________________________________

I wrote this in Yam 2.4 Beta on my Amiga One runing Beta OS4, yep, that's a
whole lotta beta. And if the Amiga Reference has got you interested:

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