[Grief] Gen's bloody cuts at Rafters

Mark Jarvis markjarvis at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 13:27:12 EDT 2005

Yes.. Dave, you're right.  Northampton, not Nottingham.  I have a VHS copy
of it.

I was at Rafters and can confirm the cuts on Gen's hand.  If you watch the
video carefully you will even see me at the front of the stage during
Discipline.  Well, Gen had a huge knife at that concert and prior to the
performance TG hung out with everyone - if I remember correctly we were all
sitting on the floor to watch the films.  They showed a couple - After Cease
to Exist and Burrough's Towers Open Fire.  After the films, my friend
Dominic asked Gen to cut him.  Gen's knife was unbelievably sharp and cut a
deep 4 inch scar in his arm even though Gen barely brushed the knife over
his skin.  The resulting wound bled a lot and really should have had

After that, numerous other people got cut, all voluntarily, and Gen cut
himself too.  If you look at the LP recording of the concert, or the CD,
there is a comment on the back that goes something like "some of us still
bear the scars" (sorry, I am away from home right now so I'm trying to
recall it from memory).  I believe that the scars comment is somewhat
related to the knife play that took place prior to the performance.


> > By Nottingham you mean Northampton, there are also
> > video's from Goldsmiths
> > College and Sheffield Uni both in 1980. The
> > Goldsmiths College video is very
> > similar to the Oundle School footage probably due to
> > them being 3 days
> > apart. My favourite is the Rafters video. Genesis
> > appears to have cut one of
> > his hands and is in a very angry mood.
> >

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