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David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 10 09:03:35 EDT 2005

DVD rips of these videos turn up on EBay from time to
time. The audio is pretty poor though.

Dave B

--- david brookes <harmaline23 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> By Nottingham you mean Northampton, there are also
> video's from Goldsmiths 
> College and Sheffield Uni both in 1980. The
> Goldsmiths College video is very 
> similar to the Oundle School footage probably due to
> them being 3 days 
> apart. My favourite is the Rafters video. Genesis
> appears to have cut one of 
> his hands and is in a very angry mood.
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> >Subject: [Grief] TG Now and Then
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> >
> >I thought TGNOW was quite original and definitely
> listenable.  I have it 
> >ranked high on my iTunes server so it plays quite a
> lot during the shuffle. 
> >  During the first era of TG I loved the early
> stuff a la 2nd Annual Report 
> >but appreciated everything that they did.  Beyond
> the music, I loved their 
> >other stuff too - the movie After Cease to Exist
> (which was very shocking 
> >to me as a 15 year old impressionable punk), their
> uniforms, the collages 
> >that arrived in the mail.  I absorbed everything
> they did with glee.  I was 
> >really devastated when they split.
> >
> >Post-split, I loved Psychic TV's first album and
> became quite a fan of 
> >their early music although I had no interest in the
> temple stuff or their 
> >new image.  I tried hard to get into Chris and
> Cosey but gave up.  I think 
> >it was a combination of feeling like the electronic
> music was only 
> >half-baked plus some of the themes.  The "hairy
> beary" song was the nail in 
> >the coffin.
> >
> >PTV's acid house phase was great too.  And Coil had
> me hooked.  I always 
> >enjoyed Gen's solo stuff too.
> >
> >To this day, I remain surprised at how they all
> evolved - if I take a 
> >snapshot of their individual output from last year
> and then look at TGNOW 
> >as a combined effort, it is so much better than
> anything they did 
> >individually.  There was definitely chemistry in
> TG, then and now.
> >
> >Like you all, I look forward to the CD and DVD of
> the Astoria gig, crave 
> >DVDs of the other live filmed performances (San
> Francisco, Nottingham, 
> >Manchester Rafters, Heaven, Heathen Earth
> recording, Oundle school, etc.).  
> >I can't understand why they have been so long in
> coming.
> >
> >mark
> >
> >
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