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By Nottingham you mean Northampton, there are also video's from Goldsmiths 
College and Sheffield Uni both in 1980. The Goldsmiths College video is very 
similar to the Oundle School footage probably due to them being 3 days 
apart. My favourite is the Rafters video. Genesis appears to have cut one of 
his hands and is in a very angry mood.

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>I thought TGNOW was quite original and definitely listenable.  I have it 
>ranked high on my iTunes server so it plays quite a lot during the shuffle. 
>  During the first era of TG I loved the early stuff a la 2nd Annual Report 
>but appreciated everything that they did.  Beyond the music, I loved their 
>other stuff too - the movie After Cease to Exist (which was very shocking 
>to me as a 15 year old impressionable punk), their uniforms, the collages 
>that arrived in the mail.  I absorbed everything they did with glee.  I was 
>really devastated when they split.
>Post-split, I loved Psychic TV's first album and became quite a fan of 
>their early music although I had no interest in the temple stuff or their 
>new image.  I tried hard to get into Chris and Cosey but gave up.  I think 
>it was a combination of feeling like the electronic music was only 
>half-baked plus some of the themes.  The "hairy beary" song was the nail in 
>the coffin.
>PTV's acid house phase was great too.  And Coil had me hooked.  I always 
>enjoyed Gen's solo stuff too.
>To this day, I remain surprised at how they all evolved - if I take a 
>snapshot of their individual output from last year and then look at TGNOW 
>as a combined effort, it is so much better than anything they did 
>individually.  There was definitely chemistry in TG, then and now.
>Like you all, I look forward to the CD and DVD of the Astoria gig, crave 
>DVDs of the other live filmed performances (San Francisco, Nottingham, 
>Manchester Rafters, Heaven, Heathen Earth recording, Oundle school, etc.).  
>I can't understand why they have been so long in coming.
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