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David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at
Thu Jun 9 22:04:09 EDT 2005

That'd be "The Super 8 Programme Vol 1" it was
released by Raro Video and has TG Psychic Rally In
Heaven, Pirate Tape (Burroughs short with PTV
soundtrack) and Glitterbug. I can't remember how much
I picked it up for but it wasn't that cheap. Though
Raro do a special offer where if you buy both their
Jarman DVDs it works out cheaper. They also do a nice
line in Warhol, Godard and Burroughs DVDs

Dave B

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> In een bericht met de datum 9-6-05 18:38:45
> West-Europa (zomertijd), schrijft 
> alex at
> > What about Derek Jarman's "Psychic Rally in
> Heaven" though -- what a 
> >  great extra that would make for any DVD release!
> Last week I actually saw a Derek Jarman DVD with
> three films including the 
> registration of " "Psychic Rally In Heaven". I've
> forgotten the title and didn't 
> buy it as I already had set my mind on buying the
> the DVD/CD/Book "Berlin 
> Super80".
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