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David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 8 20:26:06 EDT 2005

--- Mark <markstevens at waitrose.com> wrote:

> I have to say, I enjoy Splitting Sky and X-Ray off
> of TGNOW.  I agree with Louisa that some of the
> mixes from Mutant were different and quite
> palatable.

I really enjoyed the new material. I think it had a
lot more of a Coil influence to it than anything else.

> I too have followed the differing careers of the
> "ex" members.  PTV I gave up on after 'mouth of the
> night'  I thought Pagan Day was superb and Force the
> hand of chance is an all time classic.

PTV were great on record to start with then they
became great live and not so good on the albums. The
recent tour wasn't too good as they overestimated
their popularity and the London gig was about 25%
full. So no atmosphere and they came on a couple of
hours late. I'm seeing them again in Birmingham in
July so hopefully it'll be better. Be interesting to
see what their new album is going to like. 
> Chris and Cosey, October was great, hammer house
> excellent but after Sweet Surprise that was it for
> me, I've tried latter stuff but just haven't
> persevered with it.  I bought Cabal and have played
> it twice.

Liked the first album and that was about it. Saw them
last year with Coil in Amsterdam and they were okay
for the first two songs then it all got a bit

> Coil, through and through, from Scatology to JB's
> death.

Certainly the most consistent and original band to
come out of TG. 

> Staying on the subject for a change (sic).  I notice
> the TG website has been updated and the statement
> about the Italian performance being their only
> performance in 2005 has been removed.  Does this
> mean the possibility of a UK performance?  Come back
> to the Astoria guys.

I think Camber Sands was called the last UK gig. That
way they can still play in Europe or the USA etc. But
I'd be happy for them to play in the UK again. I
thought the Astoria was great. I'd love to know when
the Astoria DVD is coming out. How long does it take
to edit a one hour gig???? And where are the re-issues
of Heathen Earth etc. Wonder if the other gigs that
circulate on video are going to be DVDed. (Northampton

Dave B

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