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I have to say, I enjoy Splitting Sky and X-Ray off of TGNOW.  I agree with Louisa that some of the mixes from Mutant were different and quite palatable.

Of the original IR releases, Heathen earth and DoA have to be my favourite albums, the amount of times I attempted to get my school chums into them when Heathen Earth was released I can't recall.

I too have followed the differing careers of the "ex" members.  PTV I gave up on after 'mouth of the night'  I thought Pagan Day was superb and Force the hand of chance is an all time classic.

Chris and Cosey, October was great, hammer house excellent but after Sweet Surprise that was it for me, I've tried latter stuff but just haven't persevered with it.  I bought Cabal and have played it twice.

Coil, through and through, from Scatology to JB's death.

I suppose I could be called a TG and Coil junkie.

Staying on the subject for a change (sic).  I notice the TG website has been updated and the statement about the Italian performance being their only performance in 2005 has been removed.  Does this mean the possibility of a UK performance?  Come back to the Astoria guys.

Splitting Sky has just started.................................. Hey, isn't that what they started the Astoria performance with??



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  I approached the new material with some cynicism. And some of it I don't 
  like, but then I never liked everything they did anyway. What I think 
  the new songs have proved is that there is still a real ability among 
  the band members to bounce ideas off each other and come up with 
  something that is entirely new - and just as valid as it always was.

  I've followed the post TG careers of all the band (with varying degrees 
  of closeness!) and there have been moments of real originality and - 
  dare I say it - beauty from everyone concerned. (For example, the track 
  that's playing as I type is "Who'll Fall" by Coil. An incredibly 
  haunting and powerful piece). But some of the time, following some of 
  the solo careers has felt like hard work.

  For them to break up in 1981 was entirely appropriate. But we're not the 
  same people we were then, and now it's time to see if the old magic(k) 
  is still there. On the basis of songs like "Spitting Sky", I'd say it is.


  Louisa Bannon wrote:

  >  MutantTG and the live events have obviously been slightly bungled, 
  > but there is a lot of good material there too. Some of the tracks on 
  > MutantTG are quite good also.
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