[Grief] Camber Sands

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 21:03:39 EDT 2005

>Oh well, I'm confident that a certain livewire is having a good old laugh 
>at your expense the amount of shit you threw at him last year!!!

Gee, you mean where I suggested he actually just try and buy the thing from 
a U.S. source  - a source (Forced Exposure) that I provided for him at that 
time? I can't recall the circumstances, but I also preferred a U.S. source 
at that time to whatever the hell Mute was offering. There are long-standing 
issues with the way Mute runs their site. See:

(BTW, to anyone that still needs it Forced Exposure still carries TGNOW and 
lists that recent Gen solo project.)

I have no problem paying for stuff, and that is my preference by far. I am 
not out to cheat anyone provided a reasonable source is available. That's 
why the Peer to Peer option was the least favored part of my request and 
specifically why I asked for a place I could make my purchase. Actually, I 
am surprised that Mute seems to remain the sole source for the Camber Sands 

This isn't really that big a deal. Get over yourself.

- Louisa

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