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Mark markstevens at waitrose.com
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I think the logic behind this paragraph is so that "Triskela" can prove that she is capable of getting a date, the fact that she comes across as completely blonde is a fact that she wishes to cover up with the whole date business.  If the date was that important and also said camber c.d. is important why try and do the two tasks within a few minutes, after all, the Camber c.d. has been out well over half a year and unless the date was spontaneous and someone just rang her up on the off chance what happened?

Crap planning Trisky my dear and you've made a mountain out of your inability to navigate round a website!

Oh well, I'm confident that a certain livewire is having a good old laugh at your expense the amount of shit you threw at him last year!!!

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  >From: "Louisa Bannon" <triskela at hotmail.com>

  >The way Mute has their site organized is all well and good if you wish to 
  >sell as near to zero of product as you possibly can; but in no way helps 
  >the shopper who is trying to get her ass out the door to make a date but 
  >still order her Camber Sands discs before she leaves for said date.

  I'm trying to decide which is funnier - the entire screed that this was 
  within, or just this paragraph in particular.

  I do hope your date went well. Did you spent most of the evening talking 
  about all this with him/her too?

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